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Shamrock Oyster Farm

Bayshore, New York

Located 3.5 miles south of Bay Shore, just north of Sexton Island and east of Sand Island.
Our oysters are genuine Blue Points as they are Eastern Oysters and grown in the Great South Bay which are the two prerequisites for a true Blue Point. They are farmed using multiple types of off bottom culture equipment.

What is Off Bottom Culture (OBC) and what does it entail?

In the absence of natural oyster reefs, due to overharvesting which took place throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s, Off Bottom Culture has become the most common method of oyster farming in our area.

In the use of OBC, growers source hatchery spawned oyster seeds and place them in various types of aquaculture equipment, some of which float on the surface, and some of which reside just several inches off the sea floor. The equipment deployed is typically selected based on each farm sites unique characteristics such as depth, tidal flow, vegetation, and of course the personal work preference of the farmer. 

Why did we Pick this Type of culture?

At Shamrock, we deploy a combination of gear, which will have our early-stage seed in floating cages (top of the water table), followed by time spent in bottom grow-out trays (bottom of the water table), before their final stage in standing cages (middle water table).

Since each oyster can filter 30 to 50 gallons of water per day, they draw their flavors from the environment in which they live. Our hope is to have the flavors of our oysters fully reflect their natural environment.

Amazing! These oysters are great quality and super fresh! The owners are super nice and considerate. The package they provided for us take our business to a new level
- Robert Smith
WOW! Amazing taste and great service. If you want the best tasting Blue point oysters, you have to go with Shamrock
- John Borthwick